The Center for Art-based Research and Change

Learn about ABR, art-based supervision, art therapy in schools or navigating between visual images and verbalization, through experiential exercises. Workshops are suitable for small or large groups, and range in duration from half days to a series over a few days.

Workshops for everyone (no artistic experience, skill or talent is required)

For more information about our Workshops:​

Art as a Problem-Solving Tool

No artistic experience, skill or talent is required

Art and Leadership

Art and Therapy

What is Art Therapy (AT)?

(With case examples)

Art and Research

What is Art-Based Research (ABR)?

Ethical Issues in ABR

AT in Schools: Challenges and Advantages

(with case examples)

Effective Integration of AT in Schools

Ethical Issues in School AT

Art-Based Supervision

(with case examples)

Navigating Between Visual Images and Verbalization

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